Breathing Issues

I have read that CMT can cause breathing issues - but these are described as rare. It seems they may be mostly related to diaphragm dysfunction or CO2 elimination. I think I have noticed that there is a lot of sleep apnea and/or asthma type symptoms among CMTers too.

I would love to know more about this from those who have experienced these issues, please.
And any thoughts on how anesthesia might affect sufferers?


Hi I'm new to the group and your question caught my attention. I had never heard of CMT causing breathing problems until it happened to me. It started so suddenly it seems. You're right, I've been told that the nerves controlling my diaphragm are dysfunctional, and I do have the problem of retaining CO2, also with partial vocal cord paralysis. My breathing is especially weak when I'm laying down and even more so when I'm asleep. I now have a trach and need a ventilator to sleep and occasionally through out the day to help control CO2 build up. Since having the trach I can't speak except with a speaking valve, which I don't tolerate well because my CO2 quickly goes up. I'm new to all of this myself but I'll share what I know with you.