Breathing Problems years later

I have a question for all of you GBS warriors out there. I was diagnosed with GBS in October 2008 and didn't have many residual symptoms after I completed my IVIG treatments. Fatigue, yes, and occasionally feeling wiped out. I also lost the reflexes in my feet and sometimes I have balance problems. Now, I seem to be having difficulty breathing and I'm currently waiting on test results of my pulmonary function test. My PCP prescribed an inhaler because of a recent bout with bronchitis, but I feel like the issue is not related to bronchitis or asthma (which is what my doctor mentioned). I almost feel like my diaphragm has to work over-time to breathe in and out. Almost mimics the difficulty I initially had walking before I was diagnosed with GBS. Just wondering if maybe my neurologist would be a better point of contact in this case? Does anyone have any insight? Years later, did you ever have a type of relapse or problem related to GBS?

Hi I was diagnosed in 96, and had relapses of weakness in my legs or fatigue. my condotion flared up in 2011 and I to noticed a chanhe in my breathing. My breathing became shallower and my peak flow changed from 400 to 230. Get it checked out with your neurologist it needs to be monitored. It might rectify itself but at least you will be monitored.