C I D P and shingles

Hi, this is my first post. I live in Wales, near the north Wales coastal town of Llandudno.
2 years ago I was diagnosed with C I D P and have been having IVIG sessions every 6 months…
I have found that swimming and Nordic Walking with the proper NW poles has helped to keep me reasonably fit and the NW has helped my balance.
I have recently experienced a setback.
4 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with shingles. I am now emerging from the shingles, and a week ago I had a flu shot. Unfortunately, I then went down with quite a stubborn chest infection. I have now noticed that my C I D P symptoms (particularly the leg symptoms) have worsened. My legs feel weaker and the numbness in my feet has increased. Because of the shingles and the chest infection, I have had to lay off my usual exercises of regular swimming and Nordic Walking. I’m hoping to restart these within the next few days. My question is: Can shingles cause the C I D P to get worse ?
Many thanks
Howard Edwards