CA: Polio-like illness

there has been recent national news regarding the ‘epidemic’ of a polio-like illness in children that results in quick paralysis… often following a cold.

Hmmm, GBS anyone? they are not looking at this as a cause… it’s so frustrating. and I see the word epidemic, virus, etc. and I’m thinking it might look like an epidemic, but I wonder if these children had a recent flu shot. and I can’t get past the last minute add of “oh, and most of the children had a cold a couple weeks before.”

here’s the link to the story and the video. what do you guys think? it sure sounds like GBS to me and of course, the children aren’t getting treatment. some improve, some don’t, others are paralyzed to varying degrees. And it does not just happen in CA, we just happen to be looking at it closely.

I feel like I want to call up the SF hospital and remind them to check for GBS, once you look for it, it doesn’t take much to Dx.

thoughts? feelings?

the link: ( many other articles out there)

P.S. I’m a GBS patient, always wondering if a relapse and a CIDP Dx is just around the corner :confused:

You bring up an interesting point about the CA mystery illness, Lisa, and I hope we will be further illuminated on that. And, I hope that there is no relapse in your future. Sending you positive energy!