Can I get worse?

I was diagnosed 1 month ago ago, but luckily my body was not paralyzed. The tingling in hands started in May / 2014 and I lost the strength of my limbs gradually. Nowadays, my hands and legs are much weaker. I have trouble opening the zipper of my backpack, climbing stairs and rising from a chair. I have better and worse days. Can I get any worse?

I'm new here, myself, but I asked this same question to my neurologist a couple of weeks ago. He told me if it's "TRULY" should not get as BAD as it got during your initial onset. That doesn't mean your recovery will be fast or easy...but, it "shouldn't" be as bad as it was during the first several weeks. That said...if it DOES get may indicate that you have another disease, perhaps CIDP.

You're not alone, though! I still have significant tingling and weakness in my hands and well as, in my feet and ankles. Again, the neurologist told me this is NO cause for alarm. It's simply a part of the recovery process! We have to be TOUGH, and FIGHT this thing, for probably a year or more...and, learn to cope with the discomfort while our bodies SLOWLY heal themselves. It's a very gradual course of improvement...that will, likely, include some jagged peaks and valleys along the way.

Currently...I'm enduring a "valley." But, hoping both us will return to full health in due time!

Hang in there! And, let's try to stay as positive as we can!

Hi Carolina, you probably have a variant of GBS called CIPD. From what I understand about GBS is that the person will go into full paralysis before recovering. CIPD sufferers don't but the disease do then to reappear again later. You can find out more on this website: