Celebrating all mothers!


Mothers are probably the only people that truly understand our pain. NO matter what happenes, no mattter how mad we might get at them because we don't think they understand how painful our diseases are, they know, and love us unconditionally. This mothers day, we should all take time out of our lives to thank our mothers for loving us because not many of us don't take our moms for granted until their not with us anymore. I know that I love my mother more now than ever.


Thank You SK! That was sweet! Happy Mothers Day to every Mom out there! Hope your day is filled with fun, family and most of all LOVE!


Happy Mother's Day to you, as well!

Thank you, dancermom, Carm and Jayme!! I had a very nice mother's day, I hope you gals did too!

We took my mom out to dinner and then shopping, and my son is taking us out for Japanese this week for mother's day! Looking froward to another celebration, especially when I don't have to do the work!

We're both tired, but it's a good tired!

Good. My mom was with me yesterday for my son's show (which was marvelous), but got on a plane to go home very early this a.m., so I was the only mom around today. How did we celebrate? By running my son through a massive homework catchup session...

Oh, what a nice gesture that was! Glad your mom was there to see 'her prince'!

As far as the homework, it must feel good to know his is caught up! The relief alone was a good mother's day present! Another good kind of tired!