Chacot Marie Tooth and methamphetamine detox

I have a friend on the street who is addicted to methamphetamine and has c.m.t. She is 24 years old. When I suggested drug rehabilitation she said that the detox process would kill her because of the condition. Now, I know that this could be the meth talking even though, at the time she seemed not to be tweaking. I have looked and looked on the net and could not get meth addiction and c.m.t to come together under the same heading. Apparently people with this condition do not become addicted to meth very often. I wonder if anyone out there can give me any more information on this subject?

This has been a learning experience, since, before I met her I had never heard of c.m.t before.

I find this a very interesting topic as I too know someone on meth with CMT. Supposedly it helps her get things done and give her strength, I don't agree with this concept but I can't tell her how to manage her illness either. I hope there is information out there somewhere.

Sounds like something an addict would say. I don't think its on purpose but they will say anything to justify what they do. Unfortunately the meth is what will kill her if she doesn't stop. Give support, give love but don't let them drag you down. Meth and those drugs are Russian roulette, Some people use for years and live. Some use once and die' Will prey for your friend.

I agree Bigsteve. I could never use drugs for this disease or any other. Many prayers are said on her behalf. I am especially praying that she will stop. According to her she doesn't have a problem and can take it or leave it. Like you said it is Russian Roulette.

Thanks for the help and the prayers. I've seen her in the last week (she comes and goes) and she appeared not to be tweaking. She was calm and, well tired. I really think she is trying.