Chalk up one more success

This article was in the Mail on Sunday. My husband and I were discussing it, hoping our daughter's turn would come and I left as message under the report asking people in the UK to show their gratitude for our wonderful health service by becoming regular blood donors. Our daughter has been told she could benefit from a further course of IVIg, however, there is a shortage of supply due to the falling numbers of donors.
She hasn't been able to use her hands at all to hold or switch on the telephone but it's her birthday today so sombody was with her. We got the wonderful, awesome news that the second course of IVIg ten days ago has encouraged sensitivity down to her knees and calves and some movement in her wrists.

Listen to the lovely man in this group "GBS means getting better SLOWLY". 19th Jan to 23rd August has been agonisingly slow to await any good news. Listen to that young singer, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"