Changing IVIG brands

Has anyone switched from Gammunex to either Gammagard or Previgen? Did you have any adverse effects from the change?

I have been on all 3 ivig’s you mentioned.I have had reactions to the first 2 listed. I then went on Privigen which worked for me. 4 years later I was taken off Privigen at the infusion center for “for purchase agreement” reasons. I started going downhill from there. After 3 months of lobbying (translate arguing) I was finally put back on Privigen that was “special ordered”. I am now starting to make progress again.

I’ve had Octogam, Kiovig, Privigen.
I would come out in a rash a few days after each infusion. As simple as it sounds I was advised to hydrate well. Now I daily drink two litres (or liters :grinning:) of water which has freed me from this reaction.

I always drink lots of fluids the day before an infusion and drink more than a quart in the morning before the nurse arrives. If I cut back at all, the nurse has trouble getting a needle in. I have also started warming my arms with a heating pad before starting, to make the veins more accessible. I receive an infusion once a week for three weeks, then twice in the fourth week. I have no side effects beyond the usual feeling of tiredness that many people report.

I had a bad reaction to privigen and I’m now on fleabagammon