Changing IVIG schedule and experiencing increased neuropathy

Increased neuropathy pain since going from weekly IVIG. To every 2 weeks. Has any one ever experience this. Thanks Jutty

I know multiple ppl that have expressed what you have stated. They try to spread out the treatment and symptoms return. You have to express it with your Dr. ASAP bc insurance my start to only permit it every other week if you stay on the schedule.
I used plasmapheresis and did it 3x a week, then 2x, then 1x then every other week, then every 3rd… that lasted 7 months. At first Dr tried to spread it out to fast and after two weeks of no treatment I could not walk. So we started all over again. I got a blood infection, went to septic shock and had to stop and now I use mycphenolate daily and it seems to be working. I do have nerve pain and numbness but it seems to control it enough to do basic daily functions. But working is out of the question