Does anyone fancy coming to chat in the room for CMT or even the main room? I used to be in a group where people came in and chatted all through the day?Drop in or send message for a time to meet;

This group doesn't seem to function in chat or maybe they don't know it's there? I'm on line most all day every day and I have games and puzzles I do online but keep my window opened for the CMT group and chat if anyone wants to pop in just to say Hi or needs to vent; I'm open to chat; Spending time with people is my favorite way to feel helpful, needed and productive.

~~~Join me CM!

Have been finding it difficult to get connected into the chat room. Can you help me, maybe there’s a problem with my own Internet connection. Thanks:)

Make sure to sign in to the community. Then click on chat and make sure the chat box is connected by clicking the little disk in the far right corner of the box. Internet connection can be a problem for chat if you have a slow connection. For some reason chat does seem to take a lot from the connection.


Thanks CM, have been trying what you suggested, I’ll keep trying though. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.:slight_smile:

Not sure what the deal is hun. Hope you can and maybe we can have a lil chat soon!


Will look forward to having a chat with you CM, hopefully soon.:slight_smile: