Chest aches

Lately been having chest aches which seem to match up to the symptoms on Costochondritis. Heart issues have been checked and my neuro dr says these nerves travel around the back side and to the chest and it might be CMT related. No one seems really concerned about it but with the amount of meds I'm on it seems strange to have these pains pop up. But I haven't been able to associate it with any specific activity or caffeine intake or other things. Just curious if any others have any similar issues.

Hi Mr. Mark just wondering if you have any othersymptoms of CMT, weakness, numbness in arms, legs hands or feet.

These are the symptoms that generally present first. If you want to get a clear diagnosis your neurologist can run nerve velocity tests and muscle tests, to either rule CMT in or out. Difficult to treat before having a proper diagnsosis.

Sorry I should have been clearer. I have genetically verified ...major extremity pain, numb stuff, and majorly medicated CMT. Given the pain dullers/killers I am on ... it just seems wierd to now have a new pain crop up. In all my research this is rarely mentioned that I have seen. My neuro says it could be the CMT, but chest pains are a bit more mentally disconcerting than leg and arm pains. I'd actually be happy to learn it's a common CMT symptom.

I think i do at times. It seems to be well described as intercostal neuralgia / radiculopathy. I had one doctor many years ago who said it was this, that was before my diagnosis of HNPP (the genetic opposite of CMT1a) and I found it reassuring as it matched seemed to fit and wasn't cardiac related. Then a few years later I was diagnosed with HNPP and none of the doctors (neurologists) seem to understand my problems. It's very frustrating.

Hi MrMark,

I ran across this discussion and wanted to let you know that both my GP and Rheumatologist have diagnosed me with this! They attribute it to the arthritis, but people with Fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, Lupus have it too! Seems to be a common ailment on all groups!

When I talked to my Chiropractor about this, he attributed it to slow digestion, at least in part. He explained that this is common among middle age and up patients, going on to say that as we age, we have less and less digestive enzymes produced by the body to break down our foods. I had already had my gall bladder removed, thinking this would end any problems in that area, it did not!

He suggested I try Spectrazyme, it's a plant based, all natural product that helps break down all food groups, and I've tried other brands, they do not come close. This did not totally eliminate the problem but it most certainly helped tremendously!

Please know that I do not sell this product, just recommend anyone with costochondritis consider trying it, after they get clearance from their Doctor.

I also take probiotics that aid in digestion and keep the good bacteria in the gut!

This is a terrible pain to deal with, and I hope you are able to find relief.

Please feel at home and welcome to post a discussion and take part in those already posted! We would like to hear more from you!

Wishing you well,


BTW, it was the third rear ended car accident that I feel triggered all of this. Though I was born heavily predisposed to autoimmune genetically, it seemed to kick it all up! So I attribute this to be a factor in the costo as well.

I have had it so bad that I could not pick up a dinner plate or coffee cup, my husband nearly carried me to the Dr, they held me down and Doc gave me a shot of Demerol in the sternum! I was terrified, I will NEVER forget this, but let me tell you, it knocked it right our of me, broke the pain cycle. I have not had it that bad since and hope I never do!

I'm not sure I would allow, or my husband would allow anyone else to do this, he is an exceptional man and Doctor!

Was anything that I added helpful, Mark?

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