Chiropractor help with CIDP?

Hi Folk's, would love to know if anyone has had help with their CIDP by going to a Chiropractor?

I saw one two days ago and he said that he could get me well by doing regular adjustments...Thousands of dollars

involved in his treatment care plan...Please help?


I can't see how this could probably do much good. Keep in mind that CIDP is a disease of the nervous system, not the bones or muscles (no matter how much it may act like muscle problems). Ask your neurologist, and I think he will tell you to save your money for other things.

Good luck,


Roy!! Money back guarantee??
My first take is there are honest chiro’s and dishonest chiro’s out there and although he may honestly believe he can help, but some know little about being efficient and effective. I love my chiro, but he doesn’t spend a bunch of time trying to separate me from my money.

Ditto. It may help with symptoms, i.e. pain, but you have nerve damage as well as everything else as you know. So .... no.

I'm waiting until after my Mayo Clinic appointment in September before I look into a chiropractor. My son loves his but like the previous comments I don't see how it will help neuropathy.

My son in law received his chiro education in France. They treat the whole body over there while in the US the spine is the main area of attention. My best description would be to say they are a combination of physical therapist, sports therapist and also typical chiro.

I go to a chiro in the US about once a year when the SI joint in my hip pops out. This mostly caused by the way I walk with a cane while dragging my right foot along. This particular treatment is common with chiros in the US.

My son-in-law was able to adjust this problem and also work on the tight muscles and tendons in my leg to get my body better able to accommodate my CIDP problems. He and I both know he won't be able to fix my nerve problems but I honestly feel much better and move better after his treatments.

A "good" chiro in the US can help your physical well being but don't expect any changes to your CIDP problems.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I was told by my neurologist that IVIG Therapy was out was not an option given that I have Stage 3 kidney disease. I am trying real hard to deal with this and I'm finding it the hardest test of my life. Thanks again ALL for your support...


Roy I have been going to chiro regularly (weekly) for years even before I got my CIDP, primarily for back and neck problems. I do not think a chiro will help with all CIDP issues, but can help with some nerve issues For example the ulnar nerve in my arm (surrounds the funny bone) was damaged and causes pain in my hands. She was able to help with that so that I have maintained strength in the hands. But to think they will restore feeling in places that are numb, I think is bit of a stretch. I agree with earlier post that suggested massage therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy makes more sense Good luck, whatever you decide

Roy I was first dx’d with CIDP DUE TO THE P.N. Later, after being hospitalized for another issue, they ran a multitude of tests and finally came up with a different dx of POEMS Syndrome. A very rare issue 3 / 1,000,000! it can affect numerous different systems in your body. The treatment can be like I am on, and having success with, oral chemo capsule 21/28 days and a weekly steroid pill. It may well be worth getting checked out. I have P.N., which is improving, an enlarged spleen, darkened skin on my abdomen and some limited issues with my liver and kidneys. I am responding well to this treatment, regaining function and sensation. And though SCT is common, I and my Dr are thinking I will never need “to go there”!

I think a general massage is better.

A general massage by a competent person is far better as It relaxes the body completely.and is not so invasive.

I also go for Reflexology which helps to balance you out, along with meditation to help with pain control.

The only time I saw a chiropractor was for spinal adjustments mainly because of a bed that was too old and soft.

See if he has a plan on paper. -I doubt it. I try to go to the gym to keep me mobile and burn some calories.