Chronic Low Body Temp? Hypothermia with CIDP?

Hello Everyone!

Just joined this site and am so happy to have found it. My husband was diagnosed with CIDP in 2012. I am wondering if anyone has ever had issues with a low body temperature (94'/95'), chills, shaking ? He does have an appointment next week with our PCP.

Thank you for any input!

For the body to work/cook it's chemistry, brew the hormonal soup; the temperature needs to be in the normal range most or the time. Chronic low temperature? Seeing a PCP next week may cause a lot of cellular damage or worse. Review human biology, then head to the ER.

Thank you estaban. Yes, I am aware and concerned about the consequences of this ongoing problem but trying to convince my husband that we need to see the doc sooner was hopeless . He has been through so much already and is really having a hard time coping , understandably! I take his temp twice a day now and am watching him like a hawk!! So glad to have found this site.