Chronic Muscle Spasms

Hello everyone, I have no idea what I am doing so you may read this post twice. I am almost 4 years post GBS. It started in my hands with tingling. The next day I had very weak hands and legs. Day 3 I could hardly walk. Day 4 could not walk at all and went to the emergency room. Had a great Doctor that new exactly what I had after I told them I had been sick with some kind of stomach flu. Was admitted to ICU for a couple of days for IVIG treatments. 5 in all. After a week in hospital was transferred to a rehabilitation center. I spent a couple of months there learning how to use my hands again and walk. After coming home I had a lot of work to do to get back in to shape. I still have weak legs, feet and my toes still don't move much. I don't believe my hands will ever be normal again. My biggest complaint now is the Muscle Spasms I suffer from almost daily. I was put on a anti inflammatory for pain in my back and muscle relaxers for sleeping. Together they work pretty good. I don't like to take pills, would like to know what is causing them to begin with. I have had blood work done and all seems good there. I also drink a lot of water. I can't have any caffeine as that really makes it worse. None of my doctors can figure it out. Is anyone else out there suffering from them too?



Hi Betty! I had a milder case than you. I have had lots of muscle twitches since this happened to me over a year ago. They were pretty bad for a while but have gotten much milder. I can't drink caffeine either because it makes it so much worse. After a relapse 8 months after the initial case, I had twitching in my chest that resulted in a racing heart. All of my lab work and cardiology tests came back normal. That has gotten better too with time. I still have weakness in my hand, arm, and legs at times. I'm trying to rebuild. Hope your spasms eventually fade!

Thank You. I just saw a new Neurologist. He is going to run more blood work. He doesn't think they are from GBS as I am out almost 4 years. We will see.

Good luck to you!