Chronic Muscles Spasms

Hello Everyone, I am post GBS almost 4 years. I lost the use of everything from the neck down. I have recover pretty well my upper body but not my legs, feet and toes. Still working on that. My question to all of you out there is: are any of you suffering from Chronic Muscles Spasms? I get them all over all most every day. They are very bad at night while sleeping. I am also suffering from pain in my Neck and between my shoulder blades. My ortho says she thinks I had a bad spasm that may have pulled something. This has been since May. She put me on a anti inflammatory drug and gave me muscle relaxers for night. They all help greatly but I'm not a fan of taking drugs. I have had my blood work looked at and there is nothing wrong there. I drink a ton of water as well. Any in put from all of you would be great.