CIDP and Osteo Arthritis

Does anyone suffer from Osteo Arthritis as well as CIDP? I have had a lot of falls over the last ten years, I have been told this is what has caused my Arthritis. Both of my knees and right hip are affected. I was due to have a total knee replacement before Christmas, but due to an ongoing toe infection,it is still waiting to be done. In the past two weeks, I have completely gone off my feet. Before this I had limited mobility. I don't even know if the operations will be done now.

Yes, I have end-stage osteoarthritis in both knees.

Are you able to walk? What medication do you take for the arthritis?

Yes, I can walk, but my range is very limited. I use a wheelchair occasionally. I am not taking any medication specifically for arthritis, but I do have narcotics I can use if the knee pain is bad. I am in physical therapy for CIDP and we have to take my knee issues into account. PT has been slow, painful, and exhausting, but it is helping and I do recommend it.