CIDP diagnosis shortly after vaccination

It took roughly 7-8 wks before the neurologist diagnosed my CIDP and my symptoms began 2 wks after receiving a mandatory Tdap vaccination at work after being exposed to a patient with Pertussis (whooping cough). I am wondering...

1) were you diagnosed with CIDP AFTER an immunization?

2) what immunization?

3) how long after the shot did your symptoms begin?

4) did you file a complaint/lawsuit through VAERS and if so, what was the outcome?

5) can I file a worker's comp lawsuit AND a lawsuit against VAERS?

Up until Dec, I was getting IVIG every 2 wks. Because I am a nurse at the hospital where I get my infusions and have the hospital insurance, whatever my insurance doesn't cover, the hospital writes off the remaining balance as one of the "perks" for working there. My infusions are $10,000 each x 2 per month=$260,000 worth of IVIG per year. If I file with worker's comp, they will be forced to pay back my insurance company and then will want to settle, but let's face it, there is a cap on how much one can collect from worker's comp and if I have another 40 years in me and IF IVIG prices stay the same, that would come to over $10 Million dollars which we all know my private insurance will NOT cover if it is a work related injury (which I think it is). So if I file a W/C claim, I'd probably get $150,000 which a lawyer would take 30% and the remainder wouldn't be enough to pay for 1 year of IVIG therapy, let alone for the rest of my life. If I didn't settle the claim with W/C, they would be forced to pay for my treatment for the rest of my life BUT they would get to pick and choose WHAT treatment I would receive and not necessarily what would be best for me. After reviewing cases filed with the VAERS program, it looks like on average, the plaintiff wins around $100,000...again, that wouldn't cover 1 years worth of IVIG.

What to do??


I can't offer much in advice as I am newly diagnosed. First, I am sorry to hear of your situation. I also suspect (along with my MD) an immunization connection. I had the flu shot for the first time 1.5 weeks prior to the onset in November. It started with paresthesia like symptoms and progressed to extreme weakness in my limbs (fingers always cold). It's still progressing as I await insurance approval on therapy. It took 4 neurologist before I could get an answer. I suspected CIDP due to the flu shot connection/timing and the symptom list (no reflexes) and finally pursued an out of state opinion from the Cleveland Clinic neuromuscular area. It was confirmed with my EMG (much more intense than the first) and a spinal tap, as well as omission of other possibilities.

I will be reporting this.

Best to you.