CIDP @ Philippines

:raising_hand_man: Hello My Name is Cam
I had CIDP for more than 2 years and a part of this site for a year… Sharing my thoughts and real feeling about this rare disease…
Made this topic wondering if there are CIDP Patients from the Philippines and/or Pinoy/Tagalog.

Kamusta Kabayan! Sana may mga Pinoy ako makausap dito sa Pinas. Sana may grupo or organization na maka chat. Masaya naman ako dito na kausap iba rin may CIDP… iba parin Pinoy. Sana maka kwentohan tayo dito. Ingat kayo!

Translate = How are you! Wish there are Pinoy I can talk to here at Philippines. Wish there is a group or organization I can chat with. Anyways I am happy here speaking with other with CIDP… but there is nothing like Pinoy. Wish we can talk here. Take Care!

I wonder if there are other Filipino here with CIDP. Who another one who understand what I am going through… When ever there other who ask about CIDP and Family who brings up… I try my best to control my feelings… I feel real down. :cry: Why me…

Good luck in your search of others around the world living with cidp and it’s afternath. What I call after the storm. If you’re fortunate enough to be in remission much of your abilities can return, but the tenant of pain from the damaged nerves inmy feet and legs is the part that must be endured.


Thanks… This disease is so rare always wondered why me… Beem living with my old and rusty wheels for so long. Some how we with CIDP just have to live with it. The pain though is just un bearable I just wanna die… Maybe then I can be free. No more pain and suffering.


You will not know why until after this life , after you die. So don’t ask why and don’t ask to die. Just try to get through today and then tomorrow.