Cipro and GBS

My doctor put me on Cipro yesterday for a severe kidney infection (I thought I had the flu, but it wasn't!). Reading up on it today, I saw several sites that linked Cipro with causing GBS. Does anyone know anything about this? Of course I will call a neurologist in the morning, but I know that is the reason I can't ever get a flu shot, so I'm wondering if cipro is the same.

I had a bad infection after a hospital stay - I was treated with CIPRO for about 3 months to get rid of its effects.. That was because I am allergic to penicillin. That was 2 years before I got GBS.

My allergy to penicillian is 40 years old.

Three weeks before I came down with GBS symptoms, I had a deep chest infection and was treated with a Z-Pack.

So -- perhaps it was my bodies reaction to the chest infection -- or possibly my bodies reaction to anti-biotics in general. Antibiotics are a miracle cure for many problems - but - they do have risks.

I would avoid fluoroquinolones at all costs. I am certain that Cipro resulted in my diagnosis of sensory motor axonal polyneuropathy. The FDA added a black box warning in 2015 that this type of antibiotic causes permanent nerve damage. For me it started with surgery and then repeat doses of Cipro for a UTI in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I am now disabled; unable to walk and in constant pain. Severe nerve damage 4 years after taking the last dose in 2014. This type of drug is similar to chemotherapy; it damages your mitochondria and once started, it does not stop doing damage. It is now an official diagnosis called FQAD (Fluoroquinolone Adverse Disability).