Clinical Trials & Drugs

Hi Everyone. I'm a relatively new member. I just wanted to share that in looking for information about CIDP, I ran across this site which lists new clinical trials by disease type.

In Belgium, our health insurance doesn't cover IVIG unless you're practically in a wheelchair, so I was thrilled to find two trials accepting candidates in Europe.

I did see many trials stateside, so I'm passing along the information in case one of you can be helped (either if you have insurance that doesn't pay for the treatments, or if you're like me and pretty much desperate enough to try anything).

There are new drugs being tested...

I'm also interested to know if there's anyone who can tell me what you have found works for you. I'm currently on Lyrica, Cymbalta and a preparation of three drugs: Redomex 4mg, Sulpiride 40mg and Fluanxol 1mg

Is there anything else that you have found to be helpful that I'm not taking at the moment and which I can speak with my neurologist about?



Hello! I tried IVIG once and it didn’t work for me. My neurologist has me on weekly treatments of plasmapheresis. It’s similar to a dialysis treatment. Also I was on prednisone for a brief time. Since I have had over 30 treatments and still can’t go longer then 7 days without one, I’m Looking for other options as well. Thank you!