CMT And Driving

First of all, sorry, I haven't been online for a while, and I wish you all a "Happy New Year".

Could anyone give me any advice on a CMT sufferer being allowed to learn to drive a car?

My daughter who has CMT and will be 30yrs old in May, is considering taking driving lessons and was wondering if she would be restricted to drive, because she has CMT.



Its not about the disability its choice of that person wants to do it It should not stop her unlike me my self I don't drive was willing to learn to drive I was until I discovered it was costly and gave up it as my father told me, it not giving up that got me stuck to do it's constant thing your daughter will have to do if it doesn't affect her CMT.

I have learning disability as well as my CMT to and of course the disability doesn't let do things that I think might to difficult to do its up to u to let person its costly and she doesn't need do it if she feel she looks could determent she wants learn it takes bit learning I have found out .

My son will be 21 in March and finally just this past week took his first driving lesson with a professional. We have tried over the years to get him to drive with just us teaching, but I reached my limit and told him he had to do something or my days of driving him were DONE. It all depends on your level of impact from the disease. Some are more functioning than others, som may be best doing it with hand controls. In my humble opinion, my son does not need any adaptive equipment for driving. I think I have a pretty good idea - I drove the second I was eligible and I drive him all around now. He is surely more advanced than I was at his age, but I am far past him now. If I can drive him, he can do it himself. He survived cancer dang it, he is surely strong enough and brave enough to overcome the fears of driving and get on with life!

Just my opinion.


Hi Barb;

My experience with driving has been "no restrictions".

However, there was a time I chose to stop driving as I did not feel safe at the time. I was having sciatic issues and back and legs spasmed more with driving.

When I started driving again, I limited my driving time in the car at 15 minute intervals. My doctor told me he would not take that freedom away, as I had young children and needed to be able to go at times. But, because he knew I was accessing myself and the dangers he felt comfortable with me making that decision. Some days a person with CMT is better than other days so, she needs to be honest with herself and know she CAN be safe for herself, her passengers and others on the road.

Driving should be a privilege, not a right. But, with privilege, comes responsibility. So, I hope she will consider the responsibility and if she is able to hold up to it on any given day.

Just my opinion and thoughts,


Thanks everyone, your opinions have been most helpful. I’ll pass them on to my daughter. I’m still trying to encourage her to join us here,as she’d find it very supportive, as I do. Thanks again for all your support.:)x

Barb, I had no trouble getting a license. Whether she should drive would depend on how muçh leg and arm control she has, and this for me can vary from day to day. AFOs seem to help me, but driving can be very painful and tiring to me. Most days I chose not to drive ,if I can, because I feel it is safer since most of my problem is in my legs and feet. I have looked some into hand controls, and of seems like the MDA has some funding on this. I feel that if she feels safe behind the wheel, then let her go for it, it would be a positive thing and would give her more freedom and a sense of accomplishmemt.

Thank you, you've been most helpful, I'll pass your experiences on to my daughter CoolMommaDucky.:)x

I was diagnosed a few years ago. A minor accident caused by not being able to reliably move my foot from accelerator to brake made me think my driving days were ended. Fortunately I only backed into a tree and didn’t hurt anyone or damage another’s car.

But, I’m still driving with hand controls for my car. You can find one for about $150 on ebay. Search for car hand controls. It can be easily moved between vehicles if needed.

I only use the brake attachment. The accelerator control is waiting in a closet in case I ever need it. I can still press the accelerator just fine. If she decides to go the hand control route, also get a spinner knob for the steering wheel for those times you need to turn the wheel while braking.

Thanks Steve, you've been most helpful. My daughter's confidence isn't great either, although learning to drive could make her more independent.:)x