Cmt & cidp

My 15year old son was diagnosed with CMT aged 6years old (symptoms from 3years old)…and diagnosed with CIDP recently…is this unusual ? I feel like I’m swimming in mud trying to juggle both conditions !

what is a CMT?
I was diagnosed by CIDP about two years ago,I am 28. your son’s condition will be stable soon. be patient! I couldn’t walk and my family wouldn’t let me go out alone! I couldn’t close my eyes in bathroom! I had terrible pain in my legs and … . but now after going through several treatments, prednisone, Ivig,… I can even run! no one will understand that I am suffering from any illness these day, The thing that bothers me alot is that I can’t become pregnant because of the Imurans that I use 3 times daily! and I am newlywed :sob:

Charcot Marie Tooth, it’s a genetic linked neuropathy! My son already had nerve damage and muscle weakness before CIDP, so basically the CIDP is damaging nerves that are already damaged if that makes sense ?
Sounds like you’ve made an amazing recovery…nice to hear such positive stories :slight_smile: