CMT, genetic testing, my wife and potential kids?

I was diagnosed with CMT about a year and half ago while I was active duty Navy. Since then I’ve gotten engaged and we’re getting married at the end of November(which I’m really excited for). The other day my fiancee and I had a phone conference with a genomic counsellor. I’m going to get the testing done to see if we can figure out where the gene lays. I’m incredibly scared that I won’t be able to have my own children(IVF). I want to be a father so bad!

Hi SubVet,

Congratulations on your engagement! I have to ask by your screen name- were you on a submarine in the Navy? I visited Pearl Harbour for the first time two weeks ago. We went through the USS Bowfin and the museum there. Boy, you certainly must be brave.

We will be thinking good thoughts. I don’t know much about genetic testing for CMT but maybe others do here (and can talk about their experience). The search bar may help you find existing discussions if you’re interested. Do let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


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Go Navy, Subvet! If it is not your fate to beget children, you can still be a father. Good ones are always in demand. My choice has been not to be a father, and that has been right for me. There are many paths to Nirvana.This former Navy Seabee hopes all your dreams come true.

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