Connection between CIPD and Cancer

Was diagnosed w/ CIPD 1 yr ago. The usual battle of trying to get the diagnosis. Then trying to get this monster under some o trol. Finally, by having to take a ton of Presnisone (yes, I look like a 200 lb pumpkin…but without the s,Ivey face . )
Now I have been diagnosed with lung CA and just had CT’s o day MRI’s on every part of my body except my ear lobes (am sure they will be examed in the the MRI of the head (which seems these days to be otherwise empty!).
Wondering if CIPD is causal or an effect of CIPD. Anyone else

Alpha 1 (lung disease) after my CIDP.

Cancer can be a cause of CIPD

I was told after a second opinion that the tumor on my spine caused the CIDP or poems syndrome. It first called multiple myeloma then changed after the only spot they could find was the tumor on the spine