Copper wear?

I have a Tommie Copper shirt and shorts that I wear when it's cool enough to wear under my regular clothing, and it seems to help a bit. There are all types of compression clothing and supports. Anyone else use them and feel a difference?

Never heard of this.

My mom had bought me a lovely copper bracelet, but I kept having to remove it every time I had an x-ray or MRI, and they are not meant to be removed, as they fit tight to the wrist. It got so bent up that it was hurtful to wear after that, so I decided to try the clothing!

I just saw copper socks advertised on TV, they sound like a hit for winter for me as I suffer from Raynaud's Phenomenon. I think these would help the circulation, keep my toes from turning blue!'s_phenomenon

l buy tubigrip in rolls and cut to length for arms and legs. My daughter also wears them on her legs quite often.

Speaking of copper, I just read that copper deficiency can cause a problem absorbing calcium and D3, and is common in people with anemia. My multi has 2 mg of copper, so I should be good on that!

Something this will probably be my next purchase, as my hands are getting worse!

There are some other brands with magnets, so that may be a good idea too...