Core muscles?

Are CMT muscle issues confined to feet and hands? When getting out of bed does anyone else need to rock back and forth and sort of swing your feet up and out to propel you out of bed?

Sophie, I do not have CMT, I'm just a helping hand here, but I did feature and broadcast this to the group, in hopes of getting their attention for a response.

I have CMT and have been encouraged to do a lot of core muscle strengthening by physio .

I have found it makes a tremendous difference in helping to prevent falls and for getting up from beds, chairs.

I also work on ankle, and wrist strengthening while sitting watching TV.

Good luck

Thanks SK. I’m still trying to work out how this site works. And thanks Catherine for your reply.

Hi I get mail for some time now sorry never responded. I have CMT1A. Was diagnosed at 13 years of age at U OF MICHIGANS Mott’s Children HOSPITAL 1970 ISH

I also need to rock back and forth to get momentum to get up.I have days when my legs(not just feet)feel so weak,that they shake badly.Also,sometimes,my whole body ackes,and I feel sick to stomach at least once a week.I am diagnoised CMT1a. i am rather advanced in CMT,but have had no type of foot surgeries yet.I would love to add you as a freind,for support,or questions.please send me a freinds request,if you feel ok with it.

tim conley-gilbert,arizona.

l for sure do the rocking thing when getting up from a chair that is too low for me. l can't just get out of bed anymore and take off, l have to stand there a moment and get my sea legs going so to speak.

Working on my core seems to be really tough for me as is any type of exercise.

Add me as friend if you like Tim.


I know that my core muscles have surely been compromised from injury and degenerative arthritis. I get so stiff I can hardly move when I awaken, I have to roll side to side and when I get up, usually have to do some bending to get mobile. My lower back is the BIG problem, and losing that muscle tone has surely changed my posture and gait.

Warm weather is trying to get here, I am always better, and stronger when I can get outside and move around!