Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Our Vulnerability

I’m surprised no one has started a topic on this. The discussions here are usually very enlightening for me so I thought I’d get it rolling.

I googled around a bit to see if people with CIDP (as opposed to other autoimmune diseases) are particularly prone to severe cases of COVID-19. Or, on the other hand, if IVIG users are less prone.

I know that prednisone users are particularly vulnerable. But, IVIG has made me almost completely resistant to colds and flu.

I’m a 64-year-old man and that demographic seems to indicate that one should hide indoors at home.

How are you all doing with this? Anyone have advice from their doctors?


I’m in the same demographic (male, 67, CIDP) so I’m staying in as much as possible, exceptions being shopping and helping to care for an older relative.

Before CIDP I rarely if ever had colds or flu, but everyone on my case kept telling me how immunodeficient (of something, unexplained) I was, but I still hardly ever get a cold or flu, and I’m not on any treatment (for CIDP).

My medical team advised me below:

Yes, you will need to take extra precautions and follow all CDC recommendations. Please stay safe!!

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Cynthia - Should us auto immune disorder patients be more concerned about COVID-19? My wife is already living with immunosuppression following a multiple organ transplant + and my entire family still in Italy is in quarantine - so needless to say I am anxious. Thanks pal - have my next IVIG later today. Steve

I am overly concerned as well about the virus. I have been prone to get respiratory infections, two since December, so very concerned about this issue. I have not gotten any guidance from my doctor, just staying in for the foreseeable future.