Could be worse

Yes Nancy, I am taking IVig. I did list that in one post but not the other. Fatigue isn't "too bad" during and immediately after, it's been all weeklong the afternoons are killing me. just hit a brick wall at my desk job, then have to pack it up and go home. I've only had my first ivig 3 days in a row, this weekend is just one injection. Hope it goes better. And yes, things could be much worse if any of you are feeling pessimistic. I was diagnosed with cancer 18 years ago and the chemo fried my nerves. I was in a body cast for almost a year. But I'm free and clear now. It just sucks that the cure gave me CIDP and took my strength. But I am glad they were abe to cure the cancer. It was worth it for the second lease on life. And especially the two beautiful kids I was told I'd probably never be able to have due to the chemo. I guess doctors don't know everything.

Hi, i have been having ivig infusions since october of 2012. I also have lupus, mixed connective overlap tissue disease, APS OSA, ms, bladder cancer. I have noticed that my ms symptoms have been calming down and even disappearing. My cidp is less painful and my bladder cancer has disappeared. I write all about my 8 auto immune diseases and how they have effected my life. How I deal with them on a daily basis. How they have progressed since aquiring them in '02. I would love to hear your stories and comments. thanks pam.