Crawlings in face

Hello everyone i have found sobhelpful info here that have helped me not to worry trough my healing process with GBS.I had total paralysis from neck down,my lungs and face were not afected.I started walking on day 7 after the complete paralisis without help.Now i am almost 5 months post gbs but for three weeks i am having this wird face crawling feeling under eyes,esr pressure,pressure at sides of head,numbness in the muscles at the sides of face that comes and goes like it was never here,i have this every day.Since i had a lot of word symptoms in the hraling proces (like chest pain for a month,neck and schoulder month,knee 3 weeks)I am wondering if this is also one of this wird symptoms in this whole process. Did anyone had problems with face nervs altough didn had face paralisis.Sory if i have misspelings i live in Germany


Best to consult with your primary care doctor. Best of luck…

Today i feel a lot of better i hope it is nothing, i donte have any symptoms i feel so strong more then i was before the ilness,it is a very wird ilness we must admit. Maby my cranial nerve was afected but very litlle so now is healing.I have appointment in 9 days just in case.


Rosa, I’m sorry to hear your having so many challenges. I have small fiber sensory neuropathy and Autonomic neuropathy. I also get the skin crawling issues. One day it can be in my face, neck arms and legs. I get them mostly in my face and legs. It feels like a spider is crawling on me. So I smack it and there is no bug. This goes on sometimes for a day and then changes places. I also get spasms and Charlie horses everywhere. My neurologist put me on a nightly dose of Clanezapam which has helped.
I hope you have better days.


I never had any medicines ,only the Immunoglobulin therapy, generraly i am recovering well and i am very grateful for that,i started working after 3 months .Sometimes i have to deal with difficulties but it is going well.

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I had the same symptoms in my face and had half my face drop for a week. A week of steroids restored it, but the numbness and Weird feeling in my face continued. I even had it in my tongue. It was at times painful. After three years There is still numbness off and on but has gotten better.


I got the creepy crawling feelings in the weeks following my first immunoglobulin treatment. I have always put it down to “remyelinating” as the nerve coverings are restored.

But if it is in a new place check with the doctor.


Hi Mark, I have both SFN & AN, too. I’m taking Gabapentin for the neuropathy pain in my left lwr leg, which has been a life-saver for me coz otherwise I’d have excruciating pain. I also have numbness/tingling/crawling in my right lwr leg, which the Gabapentin doesn’t do anything for.
Are you taking or have you taken Gabapentin?
Also, I don’t know if ur Dr. told you, but Clonazepam is very addictive. I take only 1/2 0.5mg and only when I absolutely need to.

I’m taking 1000 mg of gabapentin. I also use Kratom for my pain after my doctor stopped my Fentanyl Patch, Tramadol and morphine cold turkey after being on these meds for 10 years. Yes I believe Clonezapan is additive but i’ll never be off it. My Autonomic Neuropathy has focused on my heart and eyes. I was just told by my cardiologist that there is no longer anything that can be done for me. I could extend my life by staying in bed. My heart is in constant arrhythmias.

Yes I know it’s addicting but I will never be free from taking it.