Has anyone here tried cryotherapy or cold therapy? I have been reading on this and it seems to not only reduce inflammation and inflammatory markers, but it helps the nervous system heal and strengthen.

I have heard great things about cryotherapy. I tried to find research about it and CIDP but couldn’t find anything. I can tell you that there are trials going on with patients receiving chemo that causes CIPN (chemo induced peripheral neuropathy) and using cryotherapy to decrease the neuropathy. I will ask my neurologist. My thought is that it cannot hurt. If the cold decreases the inflammation maybe some of the pain will diminish too. If you find any research, please post. I will post when I try it as a treatment. Good luck!!

The Win Hof method does have some research around it. But that is the only information I have found.

Hi Wolfgar, I’d be very curious to hear the results if you try it! I’ve never thought about that being an option. It actually makes sense!!

I did cryotherapy for about 2 months. There was a gym with a cryotherapy set-up. It wasn’t too expensive but they ended selling the booth and I no other place near me has this set-up. Unfortunately, for now my experiments is on hold. It did seem to help. I’m not sure I did it frequently enough or for a long enough duration to see if this was going to work long term. I’m still having fatigue and cramping in my hands.