Dental work during IVIg or between?

I searched for something on this question but I couldn't find anything so I'll ask. If there is info for me please add a link and I'll take a look.

I'm on an infusion schedule that lasts 4 days (a total of 195 gms) repeated after 21 days. I've completed 4 sessions and must complete 6 sessions before I am evaluated once again by neuro doctor guy.

My question is in regard to dental work. I am noticing a sore molar, I think I've lost a part of a filling. I know it has nothing to do with the IVIg. Can I get dental work done during or in between infusion sessions? I hate this to be a stupid question BUT I've had to take premeds for the last 10 years while they followed my MGUS and ultimate Hodgkin's and now 5 years post chemo I'm doing IVIg for CIDP and I'm just wondering if I can get a tooth worked on just following the same protocol, taking premed antibiotic?

Anyone have experience with this one? I know I can call the Neruo Doctor Guy but I thought I would ask here for anyone with experience.

Thanks and good vibes to all with same.

I'd also like information on this subject. Total mouth reconstruction coming up next year.

You can get dental work done while on IVIG even with antibiotics. I work as a nurse with an infectious disease doctor and asked the same question of him a few wks ago when I had a tooth that needed a root canal and crown put on. He said the IVIG would just give you extra protection and the antibiotics would not interfere with the IVIG.