Diabetes 1.5!

Another autoimmune attack!!!

DIABETES 1.5 Read that again! DIABETES 1.5!

Time to go on insulin I'm told. I've had diabetes 2 for 30 years, now I get a mysterious adjustment to 1.5. Next thing you now I'll be diagnosed with CIDP al la Gucci, or something equally exotic.

I've decided to just say the heck with it all when it comes to trying to deal the upper hand to disease, and since I live in Maui, I will now go to the beach everyday of my retirement and ogle skinny girls in skimpy bikinis and work on a deep and dark tan, drink relaxing and refreshing alcoholic drinks from dusk 'til dawn until I zone out into ZombieLand.

I've been beating myself up for far to long over disease and the never-ending battle to return to a previous state of perfect health. I'll hand the reigns over to the wife and she can prod and poke and deal with the perfidy and profundities surrounding insurers and those who wear stethoscopes around their necks.

I will sell my two acres (and all the work that goes with it), give up my dogs and cats and move to a beach side condo.

I'm going to barbeque steaks every night and eat Cheetos and burritos and down a six pack of expensive beeer, or maybe more each day. A bottle of wine, or two and maybe will take on a new perspective.

Living the health-paranoid life is taking all the pleasure out of my love of life.

Each visit to a practicing (and I do mean practicing doctors; I'm still waiting for a true performance and the resolution to the play)... each appointment brings me nothing but worry... and brings new sometimes contradictory findings.

My Ma'alea Bay condo, with 3 miles of beach, a beautiful white sand beach with beautiful waves rolling in, sunsets to fire the imagination... I will walk that beach everyday after I toss this silly computer and all the newsy news and portentous portals into the ocean!!!