Diagnosed after 14 years

I just joined here and would be happy to have any input. I first lost feeling in my feet medially about 14 years ago and blamed it on a stairstepper and poorly designed feet.

Then in 2007, I got profound pain and numbness in both feet and had nerve release for presumed tarsal tunnel entrapment which actually made things worse. Went through prolonged disability with many ineffective shots and treatments ending in acupuncture over more than two years.

I stabilized till 2011 when I had a minor flare and back to baseline in about a week.

Early this January I had a flu like illness followed by profound weakness and numbness up to my pelvis and was admitted with presumed Guillan Barre and got a four day IVIG infusion. I improved markedly over the next six weeks beyond the point where I had not been for almost 14 years.

Unfortunately symptoms again returned and three weeks ago I had a 2 day outpatient infusion of IVIG

Now I am going to get weekend 2 day home infusions every 4 weeks.

Anyone have any comments regarding the above?

I am a general internist and would be happy to join in various discussions. I am new to the site

It took two years and four neurologist to finally find out what was shutting my system downs I had been poisoned with lead manganese and not sure what else . I had my ears infected with aspergillosis Niger that drug on for two months all the while loosing sensation coordination and extreme pain in all extremities. I have been treated with I if every two weeks for nearly a year and the symptoms are now manageable. I no longer sense temperature and no one has been able to explain my 6 month bout with polycythemia.

I am thankful for my home infusions and am still trying to get a rheumatologist as my SMA have now Elavated. Well this probably didn’t answer anything but welcome to the group. The hardest part has been my career . I went from building 100 million dollar facilities to an early unplanned retirement. Not my preference neither is the pain , cramping or the other side effects. But I am alive.

Hey MD! Welcome to the club. You took your time getting here, but we're glad to have you.