Diet? Anyone follow a special diet for CMT?

If so, please share with us!

I know that sugar and junk food, fast food, make my pain worse. I/we should eat as much fresh food as possible, But, I am like an alcoholic when it comes to sweets. junk food. It is terrible. I am depressed a lot so I medicate with food. And that didn't even come close to answering your question. oh well it is off my chest now....I feel better lol

LOL! Confessions!

As for me, the better I feel, the better I eat. When I feel well enough to fool around with healthy stuff I do, and when I don't, it's whatever is easiest!

great minds think alike ahaha

I'm gonna start calling us something like 'snack' and 'crunch and munch'!

Who wants to be called 'chip' or 'dessert'? Ah, what a bunch!

Someone has the screen name 'Snicker Snake' on another group, makes me laugh and wonder what that's all about!


Crunch and Munch......What a HOOT! I will be chuckling about that all day!

Hey might as well laugh!

Absolutely.....heading to a BBQ at my son's to eat and drink all kinds of bad stuff! Have a good day

I cut way back on sugars and starches. Eat lots of meat (not too lean) veggies,fruits and nuts. Got a huge box of raw almonds and they have really felt good. I also supplement CoQ10 and Omega 3 ()i would do iore ie vit C, Tumeric, and b12 just haven't budgeted it yet!). Also quit smoking tobacco and started exercising and working out, including some brutal barefoot time on the treadmill that's giving some good results. Oh yeah, and I pretend CMT is my opponent in the ring and FIGHT it every day...don't always win but I always FIGHT {0;

That is exactly where I need to cut back as well. Not being nearly as active, I need to consume less starch and sugar! It's been a rough winter and I've had too much comfort food!

I love raw organic nuts, they are so much better than the processed ones! When I can do the car ride, there is an organic grocery store about 40 miles away, over the mountain, and I love it there, not all of the food is to my liking, but the nut aisle is my favorite section!

I can tell that you work out! That takes some dedication! I had been swimming, I did the arthritis swim, then added swimming lessons, but started having severe muscle attacks, when the Rheumatologist found out about this, that was the end of the pool, so now I walk when the weather is right. Still waiting for that! On good days, I ride my bike!

Pro;per breathing is most important, often overlooked, key to health. Dennis Lewis on facebook offers free essays and exercises on the subject, while he does pitch his books, his focus is NOT on getting money outta you LOL Water of course. Nutrition is different for everyone. The simpler and more natural the better but health and nature food stores can scam you if your not careful. Loiw calorie foods usually higher in fats and/or sodium, stuff like that. Wheat is great for most folks but some it causes weight retention and fatigue, worth experimenting a little. I do combinations for snacks like almonds and baby carrots, banannas and strawberries, etc. Know your limits and nudge them carefully. Best of luck, hope to hear of some good results.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Richard!

We have raised garden beds with fresh veggies, also have a strawberry patch and concord grapes! Oh and we have cherry tomatoes for the grand kids! We are growing carrots at my request, they are just the sweetest!

I too am especially fond of almonds, when I spent 2 years in California, we visited the almost groves, they are magnificent!

Yes, breathing, this was brought to my attention by my Chiropractor. He said it is so very important to get oxygen to all parts of the body as it is nature's best healer!