Disability help

does anyone know who i can contact about discrimination against my CMT disability just because of my age and appearance they keep denying me disability?? i am tired of people faking mental problems when i have clear proof with medical records that i have an extreme case of CMT, its just not as noticeable...help pls

Hi, Once you are denied then you need to call a disability Lawyer. They will help. Good Luck.

Thank you for the information, but by what you said it seems like I have done everything that I can do....it is in the appeals process now...it takes 9-30 months :( but thank you for your help and your support :)

Ben's Friends has partnered with the Social Security Law group. You can give them a try: http://www.sslg.com/

Clicking their icon on the Main Page of the site (right column, scroll down) will take you to their site. Best of luck with the appeals process!