Discuss something humorous about dealing with your version of CMT by Jayme Gulyas

discuss something humorous about dealing with your version of C.M.t.

Posted by Jayme Gulyas on April 22, 2014 at 4:56pm in SUGGESTION BOXBack to SUGGESTION BOX Discussions

Feel free to tell people about something humorous that happened during a C.M.T. episode!!!!!!!!


(This discussion was posted on the CT suggestion box group, but it is such a good topic, I decided to cut and paste it here for everyone! Hope you dont' mind, Jayme)

CMTers fall alot. When asked why, I say that the ground looked so lonely I decided to give it a hug.


That's great, John. :) It reminds me of a poster I saw on Facebook this week. "When you fall, I will be there for you Yours truly, The Floor."

Actually, I don't fall.

However, I frequently do my random gravity checks! :)

Someone said: "When you fall on your face you are making forward progress".

John Shaw

Too funny, John. LOL. :)


Though my mom does not have CMT, she took a tumble down the stairs and broke her hip! My husband and I are finally able to tease her about her stair acrobatics!

The 4 year old grandson asked her if she thought she was Spider Man! ha!