Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities?

Seems the world is going gluten free, sugar free, organic, vegetarian, and even vegan, because of intolerance to certain foods. Are there any foods that you can not eat?

My Chiropractor took me through the 'elimination diet', and I basically lived on 'weeds and seeds', for about a year, but there was no difference, so I began to eat normally. I still am careful about nightshades however.

I can eat tomato sauce or ketchup, but NOT raw tomatoes, and need to be careful of citrus, as the acid does not agree with me! I love OJ, but need to really limit it. I use cold pressed expeller cooking oils, buy organic milk, fruits, and veggies when ever possible, especially when I feed my grand kids. I never was big on processed foods. My husband built raised beds and we grow red peppers, green beans, onions, carrots, radishes, squash and herbs, and have strawberries, concord, white, and red grapes. Oh, and a Mulberry tree. My grandson picked several quarts, and froze them for his smoothies!

I have tried grass fed meat, and if that was the only choice, I'd do without, it tastes like pulling a handful of grass out of your yard for dinner! UGH! I think you would have to be raised on it to tolerate it!

BTW, I did talk to my GP and Rheum about anti-inflammatory diet and the Rheum told me that my diseases pump out so much inflammation, that no matter how carefully I eat, it would count as a single drop of water in an swimming pool!

How about you?

Morning SK...I have been there done that. The way I look at it is eat everything in "moderation" and eat "whole" foods! Looks like you are on the right track...seems like you have a wonderful and healthy garden! I tried the gluten free and developed more anxiety than anything else. So I stopped! Anyways gluten free is not the way to go unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease. I have heard that it is a fad. Have you read the Wheat Belly book?

So I try and not eat too much breads, pasta. If I do its sprouted grain breads, I do make my own too. I buy the my pasta that is directly from Italy, certain brands though. My sister was here from Italy last summer and I did a little test...we compared ingredients of the same brand pasta say Barilla and others, and the ingredients where different with the one from here (Canada). I do know that the imported items have certain standards in order to be sold here in Canada. Or I use spelt or quinoa pasta or make it myself.

SK you have CMT right? How does acid affect you with inflammation ?

No Carm, I'm the only one here who does not have CMT! I am here because you needed a moderator! I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Sjogren;s syndrome and Raynaud's Phenomenon, for starters!

I cannot digest anything too acidic, even with the Spectrazyme digestive enzymes I take! So I have to watch acid!

I agree about anxiety, special diets can really do that to you! No, I have not read that book, but heard of bloating from it!