Does anyone manage to get a full 8 hours of sleep at a time?

Like all who suffer from chronic illness, I'm sure that CMT patients have many things that get them awake, keep the awake, does anyone sleep a solid 8 hours?

I do,but it is only due to the drugs I take. By night I have taken so much that the minute I hit the pillow I am out. I usually get 8-9 hours a night. I never nap,so I am sure to be tired. Also I am taking only what is prescribed and in the dosage I am allowed.

Hardly ever. I’m wide awake now at 3.20am. I find this affects my mobility the following day too with me tending to trip or fallite easily due to fatigue. Really don’t want to go down the medication route though as find their side effects are just as tricky. Take care.

Sleep has been a huge difference in me and my family, my whole life! My parents commented how little sleep I seemed to need.My husband seems to nap often and sleep longer nights than I do, but if I stay still too long I cannot seem to get feeling back or generate circulation as easily.

It's not that we don't need sleep but our body clock only shuts down for a few hours at a time. I am one to stay up late and get up early; Always have and awaken several times through my "sleep" time. Our Autonomic nervous system can be and usually affected to some degree or another with CMT so, we do not usually get into REM sleep very often or for any length of time. Sometimes, pain can trigger awaken periods or just being uncomfortable due to leg twitches (restless leg) , numbness or dead feeling in body parts. I move a lot in "sleep" b/c of numbness, cold dead feelings in feet and legs. Sometimes it is actual pain, or the stinging feelings in arms and legs that keep me from resting. I've also had times of quit breathing and my body triggered me to wake so I would start breathing again. Many CMT'rs have assisted breathing apparatus (C-PAP, BI-PAP and even oxygen)for night b/c of sleep apnea. Because, I'm not "normal" CMT patient(stero-typed) and am not what most Physicians picture as an sleep apnea patient, I fought tooth and nail to get them to understand I had breathing issues and was at risk. Finally, through an article in MDA Quest magazine about peripheral neuropathy could cause breathing issues, they finally got me set up with a C-PAP.

Fatigue is very probable in CMT b/c of lack of sleep. I take an anti-depressant med. at night that helps the serotonin levels that does seem to assist in longer more restful sleep. Listen to your body all through the day and rest often; I don't usually nap in the daytime but I do sit often and take periods of quiet time to allow the body to recuperate energy for a while before proceeding activity. I break up activity often to keep from tiring out b/c of lack of sleep.

We have to find what works for us and that can be a constant adjustment b/c CMT progression is giving us change and loss steadily. But, I try to take it as it comes and do what I can and don't sweat the rest!

I know there are others who relate, so let's hear about your situations and how you cope! We are all in this together, and I feel sure if we were geographically closer we'd probably get into some mischief together with our all nighter's , we might just have a huge slumber party and keep the town awake! LOL

My kids with CMT don't seem to have any problems sleeping. They both get 7-8 hrs a night and usually catch a nap sometime during the afternoon or early evening. Neither take medication on a regular basis.

I take anti-depressants along with a couple of different opiates for pain in my regular schedule of meds. You would think this would help me sleep, well I guess it kinda does, I can sleep for about 3 hours at a time. Then I am awake from around 2 a.m. until around 5:30 a.m. watching tv and trying not to wake my husband. Then I go back to sleep and my husband lets me sleep until around 10 a.m. unless we have an appointment. Then later in the day I will be sitting and working on something and I will fall asleep and take a nap any anywhere from 30 min to an hour. I am glad to hear there are others out there with this problem too although I wish NONE of had them.

Not me. I have insomnia and have pain. When I do sleep it is broken sleep. So I am always tired