Does High Humidity Affect your Neuro Pain?

I have been making tremendous progress with my new AFOs, and then today we have 100% humidity here and it feels like knives are stabbing my feet all over. I am in so much pain, and I took all of my daily prescriptions that are supposed to alleviate or stop this feeling.

I know it happens in extreme cold, but I was wondering about this as well. I cant even get socks on right now!

I’ve noticed that barometric pressure changes effect me much more than humidity readings. But I spent 57 years in Houston at 100% humidity. But changing barometric from fweather front dropping temps, changing weather always was assoc with change in barometric pressure that would set my nerves on fire!
Just moved to Garland and much lower humidity is nice for reduced oppressive heat of H town.

I was at a GBS/CIDP meeting here in Mi and the doctor told not to overheat our bodies. He said they They did a study on damages nerves in mice and found heat slowed the nerve down, but when cold was introduced it sped back up to its previous functioning. So I do not over heat myself especially my feet which are the worst. They feel like that are on fire many nights after I am laying in bed for just a few minutes.

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While I am CMT I’m in the weird little portion of CMT2 that have my axons dying off. And while the typical cmt person doesn’t have much nerve apin I do, a lot. I have to flip the comforter from off my feet and legs and only have it from crotch upwards, or my legs give me much pain so tht despite all the meds I won’t sleep a wink. so heat DOES make a big difference for me. sorry for tyypos, i don’t have much feeling in fingers and typing is dicey, lol

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You did a great job typing! I understood everything you were trying to say!

its 3:31am now, and the pain in my legs won’t let me sleep. it’s foggy as heck outside, related to your original question… I’m going to keep a watch on the humidity!!!

oof, I hope you were able to get some kind of sleep! Where I live, (Northern Indiana, near Lake Michigan) we had the fog and high humidity yesterday. Once again, I found myself in a great deal of pain and “lost” much of the day to inactivity. I mean, I read and did some things on my laptop, but I had planned to vacuum and take my dog on a short walk (per my name, he is a mini dachshund and well, let’s just call him “rotund”).

Also, and I am just adding this because it just occurred, if I pull my socks down over my toes too far, the tips of my toes burn as if on fire and I cannot walk on my feet. Just another strange thing that occurs in my every day life! :rofl:

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I really notice the heat with nerves I also sleep with covers about knees up. And I hate changing seasons. I suffer with r.a. as well. And chronic Lymes. I am damned. Hate cold and cold fronts as well. I call it damned if you do and damned if you dont. All this after 6 years of g.b.s. is still tuff. My motto is a moving body is a happy body . So not matter how bad I fell I push myself to to get up and move. You all have a great day. Keep moving!

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