Does IVIG wear off?

Hi. After my diagnosis i was immediately admitted to the hospital and started on IVIG. Got the 5 days of treatment as usual. I was feeling good and then about a week later I suddenly got worse than ever.. I went back to the hospital and got another 5 days of IVIG and felt great. I was walking and everything. Now it's been about 2 weeks since then and I can no longer walk even with a walker. Im getting a wheelchair. So my question really is should I just wait or do you think plasmapherisis would be good for me?

I would suggest the plasmapheresis. The same thing happened to my friend regarding relapses and they did the plasmapheresis with him when he was readmitted to the hospital. He did have a relapse again after a few weeks and he was diagnosed with CIDP but continued rounds of plasmapheresis from Rehab and even after he was released from that. It was something like once a week for four weeks or so. Was a good while ago so I cannot totally remember the details but we were pleased with the results and the plasmapheresis was the thing that helped him and worked the best for him. Hope this is helpful!