Do's and don't

First off I'd like to say thank you to all involved at this site. I'm new to this condition and have not started any treatment yet. It seems that some days are better than others. I would like to know what I should and should not do. Should I be exercising or not? I like to have a beer or two in the evenings. I do smoke but not heavily. Does any of this have a affect on CIDP. Any addition advice would be great.

Thank you

My neurologist thinks that it is possible that my CIDP is caused by bulging disk in my lower back that was pushing on my nerves. I'm of course hoping that he is correct. I had surgery a month ago and I'm schedule to have an EMG this Saturday to see if there is any improvement before starting any treatment.

The strange thing is for example last night before bed I had no feeling at all in my left big toe. This morning when I woke I had about 70% feeling.

I don't think that 1-2 beers a day would cause alcoholic polyneuropathy, but it might not be helping either. I know smoking is bad for me and my wife has been on me for years to quite. So your right now is the time.

Thanks for all your help.

Re the smoking -

heavy smoking can bring on a condition called Buergers Disease (I know, I have it).

it also affects the immune system, causing the blood vessels to thicken to such an extent that they restrict and in severe cases, stop the blood flow.

This affects the feet and hands first and legs, arms to a lesser degree.

That also brings on numbness, coldness, severe pain, etc

So, there are several things that any of your problems might be