Dress shoes for afo brace

Just had my fitting for a afo brace. I wear dress black pants. All I can find are neon running shoes, and shoes that look so heavy I would not be able to pick up my foot. Anyone have any other options?

I wear boots with mine; usually buy one size larger and one that zip down so can get foot in easier with AFO in them. I bought Black and brown pairs and an wear them with skirts and pants. I also, bought broomstick skirts to wear with a western flair with some Ariat lace ups for style and AFOs work well with those too.

That has been difficult to be stylish and still comfortable and safe; There are some foot drop braces that are soft with velcro I use with a regular flat dress shoe but when i wear them I do minimum walking.


Hope you find what works for you and can feel comfortable ~~~CM

This is a new direction for me to start looking. Thank you.

I've had shoes made in Melbourne especially for me. One pair of wedges and a pair of boots so I don't have to wear an afo. Jess Wootten is the man who made them and he sent a foot mould/measuring kit to me in Auckland, NZ and then made them from the mould so they fit perfectly.

I've also found I can wear Nike Go-Mid canvas sneakers without an afo as well if done up tightly as they hold my foot at a 90 degree angle.

For shoes to wear with dress pants, I normally just go for a stiff fitted dress boot.

As you can tell, I shy away from wearing an afo! lol

I too shy away from AFO now b/c legs atrophied so badly in lower legs that they rub sores on my skin. The worked pretty well for me for some time but now the muscle tissue is wasted to the point of them being uncomfortable even when lined with socks and or the pads he put in them. the pads cause sores too b/c the material they r made from cause some friction and sweating to be trapped.

I do less walking but have supportive ankle boots ( women's Police women boot) http://www.amazon.com/Magnum-Womens-Stealth-Force-8-0/dp/B001D9AQBA when need to walk.


Try Reebok


What size Magnum boots do you wear?

I can get my shoes in the kids dept so imagine trying to find dress shoes there to fit on my braces. How many of ya'll wear the Blue Rocker AFOs ? I have worn them for about years now and I really love them. Sometimes when I get boots though I will go to the womens dept and get them because I can get them longer so they will accomadate the length of my AFOs.

I wear a women's size 8 but do not need an AFO in them; When I wear AFO's I get a man's 9 12 boot or a women's sz 10.

I like men's Ariat's boots or Justin's b/c they are wider and accommodate the AFO's better and don't make my feet look so big LOL

Footwear can be a real challenge but very important as it is our foundation especially when our balance is an issue.


BTW we got a few inches of snow and that can be a real problem for those who have balance problems! Be cautious when stepping out in freezing temps.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Veronica;

Hope you have a blessed holiday season! Sounds like you are well on your way, as I remember getting my first aFO's and what a difference it made in my energy! I never knew it took so much energy to walk, and thought i managed pretty well. But, after seeing the difference, WOW! Enjoy your new legs!

Hugs CM