EMG Findings & Headaches

Hello Members,
I was wondering if anyone was diagnosed with GBS which didn’t show on an EMG. Also is anyone having headaches and sensitivity to light? My head is really hurting & I wanted to know if this is typical? Thanks

Hi, Rosemarie, have your headaches and photosensitivity improved? I hope so.

My daughter had a relapse with GBS she first came down with it at the end of April 2014 came home July 2014. It never went past her chest area. She relaped Dec 17 2014 this time it never went past her hips. After spinal tap she developed sever head aches due to the spinal fluid still leaking after 5 days of the tap. They had to do a blood patch and that helped with the head aches to subside a bit
Does any one ever experience a relaps or a blood patch