Excessive sleeping

It’s been a while since posting. I’m finding it difficult to stay awake. I don’t really feel depressed. I’ve even started walking with a walker. I have much to share but am now concerned about being so sleepy all the time. My medications have not changed and my doctor just tells me to rest. My docs worry is upper respiratory infection. I seem to always have sinus problems and weekly horrible headaches. I’m wondering if this will pass. Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks for any help.

Hi, Mari, I don't have GBS, but I had very bad sinus problems for about nine months without realizing what was going on and experienced daily fatigue. I fell asleep practically every afternoon. In retrospect, I think I had a long-term sinus infection. Antibiotics from the ENT gave temporary relief, but it didn't really get better until I started "managing" my sinuses by using preservative-free saline nasal spray as needed, up to half a dozen times a day. I don't know if sinuses are your issue, but if they are, it may help. Check with your ENT.