If someone find anykind of help to get better. Me i found the exercice call pilataise help me to be less stiff.

I've never tried pilates but I find some light stretching daily and a stationary bike (recumbent) every few days helps a bit. With CMT it's easy to overdo exercise so I find need to work out only hard enough to make me lightly sweat. Any harder and I suffer from exhaustion, pain, and more fatigue. Any less and the exercise isn't beneficial. It's a very fine line between not enough and too much. It's a hard balance.


I've found it is a "balancing act" to find how much is too much. As we all know, for CMT, balance is huge issue we struggle with; literal balance as well as in our daily choices of activity.

Some days you might manage more than other days; the rule of thumb is, if you hurt doing it more than 30 minutes after , you probably have done too much; Was told, by a physical therapist, don't push to point of pain;Do not fatigue yourself exercising, but do stretch, move gently to keep mobility agile. Main thing id to stimulate circulation, blood flow and breathing as all this is slowed due to signal conduction reducing natural circulation.We can do more damage that is not repairable so some times better to do a few repetitions, then change the muscle group activity and then go back;Too many REPETITIONS CAN FATIGUE THE MUSCLE GROUPS TO THE POINT OF Damage.

Pilates, Yoga, or just gentle walking often but not for long periods can be a benefit.

Find your "Center of Balance" and don't compare to others b/c we are all different in the damages we have suffered over time.


Thanks a lot for your answer. I,m glad to find people to understand the way i feel. Your write it,s hard to find the limit of exercice someday i do too much because the day after i,ve ne energy. When i,m to exhaust i feel like i drunk i walk crooked. By the way sorry for my english may be is not good but is my second language. It,s hard to Accept the sickness. I,m 49 years. About 5 years ago now i need the arm in the stairs and 1 years ago my left feet algways tense he didn,t relax and algways very cold. Finaly my feet crooked the bone metartase from the little toes get out a little bit. It take 3 months to made the corn . Now i,m get better the big pain the tense go away but the feet it sill crooked because i lost the muscle beside of my feet. It scary what be the next thing. Is very hard to accept. I tried to cheer up my self i,m sill walking .


It is great to exchange thoughts, ideas, and prospectives; it helps us realize it's not just us trying to cop out or use excuse! One of the biggest reliefs for me was to realize it's not just me, and I'm not being lazy but there is a valid reason for my struggles.

I find myself learning my limitations, and when I respect them, I manage my CMT far better!~~CM