Facial Parasthesia, Acne and GBS

Hi Guys. I had a mild dose of GBS commencing October 2015, after a salmonella infection. My main symptoms are/were weakness and loss of sensation in the lower legs, feet and hands. I was released from hospital one month ago. My walking is still patchy.

I have "nerve pain" and sensitivity in the face and in my scalp. I also have cystic acne which is spread across my face and neck. I've not had acne before and it seems to be the first thing people ask me about. My doctor has recommended a course of accutane. I'm searching for other courses of action before committing to another medication. I take topomax to help with the other GBS symptoms. Please let me know if you've heard of these kind of facial symptoms and any successful treatments.

I had a lot of nerve pain. One thing that we did in physio to desensitize my hands was to rub different textures over them. There would be various fabrics like denim, moleskin, terry cloth, cotton, silk, Velcro, etc. I basically lightly rub over my hands until the sensation became less irritating, and I’d think about how it should feel. I did seem to work. I didn’t do this with my face, but it wouldn’t hurt, and it may help. I’ve started getting acupuncture for my face pain and unevenness and it has helped a lot. I did have a weird breakout (not cystic though) a few months after leaving the hospital which has never happened before in my life. I’m not sure if it’s related or not. I ended up changing all of my facial products, going for a few facials, and my skin is back to normal.

Hi Kimberly, thanks for your reply. I'll ask my physio about the fabric exercise, and of course I can just try it at home. It makes intuitive sense, thank you :)

Facial massage really helped with my facial and scalp sensitivity and pain. Eventually it got better with time and I never thought it was possible. A physical therapist who specializes in vestibular problems helped me with my balance and sight issues. After a year and a half, I barely notice that I had problems with my face. When I don't get enough sleep or work out too much, my face will twitch in the area that was hit the hardest and it might last for a few weeks but other than being annoying and a reminder of my past troubles it doesn't affect me much.