It’s a question really
I am feeling much better but all of a sudden I have been having a few falls for no reason
I was cooking dinner then all of a sudden I fell backwards hit my head on the floor. But lucky no damage. .
Then again I was saying good bye to a friend and next thing I knew I had turned round to walk into house and did a side flip. Again no injuries bit sore but nothing to write home about.
Does any one else have this problem.
I don’t have much feeling in my feet. I’ve been able to walk though with walking stick .
I’m wondering if this gets better or worse
Any input would be most greatfull
Thanks Jane from Oz

Hi Jane, I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself badly. Is your CIDP being treated? For me, several unpredictable and totally unexpected falls were one of the cardinal signs signalling something was amiss. First I fell down my back stairs and the following day I fell backwards crashing my head on the railing of a paling fence. The falls after that were less spectacular but continued until I started treatment with ivig and now with ivig and azathiprioprine (Imuran). Since then it hasn't been such a problem. Having said that, sometimes I can feel that I have lost my centre of gravity and I feel I always have to be VERY careful when negotiating stairs or uneven ground. I will often use a walking stick when expecting either of these or at low points in my fortnightly treatment cycle or very hot weather when my fatigue levels are especially high. Perhaps it's time for a discussion with your medico about adjusting treatments to prevent further injury? Wishing you all the best - wherabouts in our big country are you? Kind regards, Gina

Oops - please excuse the typo. The medication is azathioprine