Fatigue after suspected GBS

Hey everyone,

This is my first post to the forum. My symptoms started in October nearly a year ago. At my worst I could only walk short distances with a walker and had some facial droop, I was never paralyzed so I guess that means my case was "mild". My doctors were stumped until I got better this past spring, now they are thinking I had GBS.

Currently I am feeling really fatigued still and starting to get frustrated. I am finally looking for a part time job, but am getting so exhausted that I sleep for 10-12 hrs a night and then need a nap. On the weekends I spend at least one day mostly in bed.

What helps with fatigue after GBS? I am doing PT twice a week for a back injury from a car accident just before the onset of my GBS symptoms, and I've read that gentle exercise can help a little. I know my diet could be healthier but it's hard to find the energy to cook vegetables in addition to a meal. I have a juicer and sometimes juice vegetables. I'm thinking about seeing a Naturopath, has anyone had success fighting fatigue with a Naturopath? Is there anything Western medicine has to offer for post GBS fatigue?

Sorry for the rambling. My thoughts aren't coming together very clearly today. Darn fatigue!

Hello Molldoll327,

First, I'm glad you had the mild case although that's a relative term. By the way, were you treated at all or did you get any medications prescribed? I'm myself thought about a naturopath but never tried it, but tried acupuncture which did not help. I guess it may help some people for the pain symptoms. I think diet may help somewhat with the fatigue. Also, I noticed, my symptoms get worse when I had regular coffee or black tea, which probably effect the nerves. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, except maybe for the fatigue. I had mine acute symptoms in January 2015, so about 7months ago and was never treated. It seems now I have a few good and a few bad days. I'm able to work but I have to sit down a lot and can't go on a bike for more than 5min otherwise my legs start burning/aching and feel like I lose tone in my muscles. Now I'm thinking to go to my neurologist and ask him for the immunoglobulin treatment. Sorry, for your back injury and I hope you recover for that with PT. I generally think any exercise is good, pool is probably very good - I tried it myself - but you can't overdo it. Good luck to you and keep me posted about your progress.

Thanks for the reply PT :-). The only medication I've tried is Gabapentin, and it really seems to help me with the pain. My doctor didn't realize I likely suffered from GBS until just recently and I've mostly recovered (aside from the pesky fatigue), so I didn't get any of the other treatments.

I'm nearly a year and a half out and I still suffer with fatigue when I overdo it. But it's not just being tired, it's nerves shaking and quivering like they have been pushed beyond their limit to control the muscles which in turn have to support a whole body. And as much as I know I have to be careful not to do too much, I have no idea where that point is because it keeps changing on me. Recovery is a challenging road that I'm thankful to be on!