Is fatigue a symptom of CMT? My son is having difficulty at college because he is so tired he can't make it to class some days. Also, so fatigued that reading and finishing homework is difficult.

Just wondering if this is normal to be that tired. I am worried he is depressed. If it is normal,is there any medication or nutritional supplements that helps with the fatigue?

I found this article on PubMed.


Hey Carol, I've been suffering from fatigue for about 3 years, but I'm not sure it's related to my CMT. I've been working with a naturopath who has me take a variety of things. Nothing has really helped, although it might be something for you to look into. I don't feel depressed (well, I didn't at first. 3 years is a long time to feel this way), just so very very tired. It has been getting slowing better over the last 6 months, though, seemingly independent of any treatment. I found this website to be very informative.

Fatigue is a normal part of having CMT, because our bodies has to work so hard in every movement we make with weakened muscles. However, it may be helpful to check his levels of Vitamin D, and B12 and be screened for depression if you're concerned about that.

Be careful before taking any vitamin B complex as some, especially high dose of B6, are not recommended with CMT.

For more info on medications to avoid with CMT check here: